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Race To Save The Rainforest


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Race To Save The Rainforest is the exciting, new Science and Nature Adventure game all about the world’s tropical rainforests and what you can do to save them!

The game is so much fun you don’t even have to be interested in the rainforest to want to play it!

What is the game about?

Six rainforest animals have lost their homes to deforestation. Can you help them find new homes in the neighboring rainforest before loggers cut it down?

To do this you will be competing with other players and yourself. You will be answering questions about the rainforest, learning about endangered species and how to save them, being subject to chance happenings and rolls of the dice, all while avoiding poacher's and burning forests.

Race To Save The Rainforest can be played at varying levels of difficulty, making it a game for almost anyone.

For: 2-6 Players


Play Time:30-60 Minutes


276 Question & Answer Cards about the world’s tropical rainforests

(176 Regular and 100 Advanced)

Click here for a look at some of the games sample questions:

25 Fate Cards

10 different endangered species with 20 different ways you can save them

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