Sample Questions

See if you can answer these sample questions straight from the

Race To Save The Rainforest game!



1.      To a human what is the most dangerous animal species in the tropical rainforest, the Tiger, the Gorilla or the Mosquito? The answer

2.  How high can bamboo like grass grow in one day in the tropical rainforest, 4inches or 36 inches?The answer†††

3.    True or False?Potatoes come from Ireland. The answer

4.     True or False?The giant fruit batís wings can spread up to 69 inches. The answer

5.     Oranges come from which tropical rainforest, Central American or Asian? The answer

Sample Advanced Questions

1.     Gibbons, a primate species live on which continent, Asia, Africa or South America? The answer

2.     True or False?The endangered Marmoset is a bird. The answer

3.     Pygmies use smoking leaves to sedate bees in order to collect a certain food.What is it? The answer

4.     True or False?Approximately 1 in 6 types of medicines have ingredients that come from tropical rainforest plants. The answer

5.     Roughly how many native tribes live in the tropical forest of Papau New Guinea, 10, 250 or 700? The answer


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